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important headcanon!

An important thing about how I play Jade is that I headcanon her as autistic. Since it appears that interpreting a character as neurodivergent is ooc to some people, I figured I would humor any potential jerks by explaining why I think Jade is autistic. 

(More context-- I'm an autistic woman. A lot of things about Jade remind me of myself wrt sensory things/stimming/meltdowns, etc. This isn't Irrefutable Proof™ that a character is autistic because of certain behavior, just an explanation of why said behavior struck a chord with me.)

  • When we're i ntroduced to Jade's room, one of the first things she does is organize her toys. Though the reference is definitely unintentional, one of the classic 'signs' of autism in children is playing with toys by lining them up or otherwise, well, organizing them. It's implied she arranges her dolls like this regularly.
  •  On a related note, the sprite of Jade sitting in her pile shows a squiddle in her lap and on her shoulder. In lieu of something like a weighted blanket, many autistic children will cover themselves in stuffed animals to soothe themselves when feeling overwhelmed-- or just because it feels nice. The squiddle toys themselves are very stimmy; I imagine part of the reason she likes them (aside from squiddles being a special interest) is because of the magnets insideMagnetic things are a popular type of fidget/stim toy, and the squiddles would also provide tactile and visual stimulation.
  • Remember the Jadesprite debacle? When I read Homestuck for the first time, this page in particular got to me because Jadesprite sounded like someone experiencing sensory overload;
JADESPRITE: what did you do to me?? 
JADE: i prototyped you and brought you back! 
JADE: should i not have? 
JADESPRITE: you shouldnt have, this is overwhelming and awful 
JADE: oh no, it is? 
JADESPRITE: its hard to describe what its like 
JADESPRITE: but its too much for me 
JADESPRITE: and the sun... 
JADESPRITE: its way too big and bright and i cant stop seeing it... 
JADESPRITE: it wont go away aaaaah! 
  • Speaking of meltdowns! Before she entered the game, Jade grew uncharacteristically irritable and snippy after the destruction of Prospit. She complains about having a headache, which was it its worst when she interacted with Karkat and Future!Karkat at the same time. Here's a fun anecdote from the player; before I was diagnosed and learned how to manage my sensory needs, I described my meltdowns -- which I didn't even know were meltdowns at the time -- as 'headaches.' I didn't get them very often, so I just assumed headaches made you feel like all your nerves were rubbed raw with steel wool.  Jade grew up being uniquely able to regulate her environment as she wished; she probably had few, if any, meltdowns before Sburb; she didn't understand that her discomfort was due to sensory overload, which in turn was exacerbated by emotional stress.