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snowblind ; cr chart!

Angel | [personal profile] phaseshifter | @guardian They haven't interacted much, but before the debacle known as Vicodingate, Jade thought Angel was pretty nice and that they had similar interests. She still doesn't understand much about what happened; all she cares about is the fact that Angel (and Rhys) intentionally deprived someone of medication they require to function. To be honest, she makes Jade a little uncomfortable because of this. Her unrepentant attitude doesn't help, either.
Beckett | [personal profile] bookofnope | @mnemosyne [BLURB]
Brian Thomas | [personal profile] 0thingsonmymind | @totheark Team Snowbuddies is the wacky odd couple sitcom nobody asked for. They started traveling together just a few days after Jade arrived, and Brian hasn't been able to get rid of her since; they've mutually adopted each other at this point. He also bestowed upon her the immortal nickname of "notdog."

For real though, she knows something is... off about him (besides the obvious) and fusses over him with increasing frequency.

Clayton Epps | [personal profile] dr_unconscious | @claytonator There's a doctor in Norfinbury with a habit of dissecting people, but this guy is the one who skeeves her out. After the way Clayton handled the fallout from Vicodingate, Jade thinks he's a slimy creep who cares more about his own peace of mind than actually helping anyone.
Frisk | [personal profile] despiteeverything | @determination Possibly the nicest of nice kids. Frisk's sense of responsibility beyond their age is familiar and gives her the warm fuzzies. The monsters from their world sound like Jade's Prospitian friends; she hopes things turn out better for monsters than they did for Prospit.
Gregory House | [personal profile] rubikscomplex | @hotstud_xxx Personally, Jade thinks he's a jerk. But even if he's an addict - and an asshole - he's still entitled to his meds. What the fuck is wrong with these people??
Stephanie Brown | [personal profile] spoileralert | @Spoiler A fellow teen who seems to Get It (tm)
Steve Rogers | [personal profile] starsandtights | @CaptSteveRogers Reasonable authority figure guy! Steve's doing his best, which she appreciates along with the way he treats her like an expert in Science Things. Bless his heart.
Terezi Pyrope | [personal profile] iustitia | @gallowsCalibrator Surprisingly okay for a troll. Also seems to be doing her best.
Tim Wright | [personal profile] maskintape | @TW [BLURB]
Toriel | [personal profile] inruins | @snailfan98 Bad joke buddies!!
Vriska Serket | [personal profile] fairygodtroll | @arachnidsGrip Ugh!!!!!!! Vriska is terrible and smells like farts. The end.
But seriously, the fact that Vriska is responsible for all of Jade's friends and memories from Prospit kinda makes her skin crawl.

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