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2016-01-01 12:24 pm
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headcanons ; appearance!

  • Indian and pretty dark 
  • Big honkin' Roman nose
  • I'm forever torn between Jade being a big 6" beanpole or a tiny 4"11' bean, but for the sake of consistency I'll stick to tiny bean 
  • Either way she's very leggy
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2015-12-30 07:26 pm
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headcanons ; taxidermy! dead bodies! psychological trauma!

Lately I've been really hung up on the fact that holy shit Jade had to stuff and mount her grandpa when she was like five. This seems like the kind of thing that makes a lasting impression on someone, so have some unorganized... thoughts?

Heads-up: detailed discussion of taxidermy, human remains, and the combination thereof under the cut! )

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2015-12-11 06:51 pm
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important headcanon!

An important thing about how I play Jade is that I headcanon her as autistic. Since it appears that interpreting a character as neurodivergent is ooc to some people, I figured I would humor any potential jerks by explaining why I think Jade is autistic. 

(More context-- I'm an autistic woman. A lot of things about Jade remind me of myself wrt sensory things/stimming/meltdowns, etc. This isn't Irrefutable Proof™ that a character is autistic because of certain behavior, just an explanation of why said behavior struck a chord with me.)

real talk tho disabled ppl shouldnt have to justify relating to fictional characters )