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snowblind ; ic inbox!

"This is Jade-- leave a message!"

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Late night 84; @totheark; text

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thanky ou

*Its just as good without context, right? Clearly she should know why.*
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day 93; @TW; text

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[ Hey you know what all the medical drama is good for

Reminding Tim to stOP BEING A FUCKLORD

uh hey
thought you should know
admin delivered a month's worth of meds on request just for me
guess I'm its favorite
it'd be p touching if not for the whole kidnapping thing

p sure brian couldn't request them that way since it's not his prescription so
it's best if he keeps the ones he has
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@totheark, text; Night 92

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zell @zd and beckett @mnemosyne
said thatwhen
glit ches err ror
on net work

youwere there
burn ing


*He's asking for an explination, but that might not be clear.*
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afternoon 104; @TW; text; ur welcome;

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ell o

you know you do not Know you are unKNOWN
we do not know

[ hi jade welcome to bullshitland, population: u ]
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hello this is an action thread because I am too lazy for logging; dwi fucker; morning 111

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[ Tim wishes he could say this is the first time he's had to ask a friend if they've made death threats to Clayton. He really does. What the actual fuck has his life become.

Still, he's pretty sure this is a much trickier issue than it had been when talking to Brian about it. Mainly because Jade, you know. Actually gives a fuck. This is going to be awkward as hell.


He pootles around the hospital until he finds her. And because he's Tim, his expression and body language make it perfectly clear that he is Not Comfortable with the conversation that's about to ensue. Fidgeting and wincing, fuck yeah!!

Uh. Jade. Got a sec?
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Early Morning 118; @totheark; text/action

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*If she's awake he'll head over to her before sending the message. If she's not he'll send it and wait around for her to respond. But he has a question.*

dr ea m?
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@totheark; text/action; Morning 142

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*Lots of times Brian is out shortly after lockdown, checking to make sure there are no monsters or other dangers around whatever building they're in. But today he's been on his tablet instead, rather focused on whatever conversations he's having. After one ends he starts up a new one with Jade.*

weare go ing
east south
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@totheark, text; Morning 160; sorry for introspection spam ^^;

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where ?

*He forgot about her. How could he have done that? She was Important. But the nagging feelings of everyone being fake, of him being all alone...he wasn't able to fight those, so he put the possible connections he'd had out of his mind. He'd forgotten, at least for awhile, that he had friends in this place.
Beckett's message had helped, but he hadn't cleared from the haze enough to fight it off until morning. It was still there, hiding amongst the static in his mind, but it was weak. And, if he remembered, he could fight it.

He's not sure he can remember if he's all alone, though. He doesn't think he wants to forget again.*
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@featherydouche; video; day 160 night

[personal profile] mrcreamsicles 2016-09-22 02:18 am (UTC)(link)
[It's late, past lockdown, when Davesprite messages Jade. It's hard not to feel like crap for everything for a variety of reasons, but the one bugging him with her is that he just left. She had to have worried, and worried again once she saw the obituary. She lost him once, right? How was it to lose him again? In the moment, it was so easy to dismiss her as just a glitch in his brain, made up of conflicting thoughts about her and himself.]

[The message itself comes as video, because whether or not Brian's with her, it feels kinder to let her see proof that he's alive. Death has robbed him of words, though; the best he can offer in greeting is a soft caw.]
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@featherydouche; late morning 162

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[Today is utter ass on too many levels, and it's barely even started. More static means he can't travel safely, not being able to travel means Bucky might be pissed at him, the screaming and eyes are their own terrible mystery he never asked for, and Brian has told him Jade's sick. Sick how, he doesn't know, but that's why he's messaging her.]

[Namely, with a doodle (drawn on the tablet this time!) of her looking much like a stereotypical cartoon character, thermometer in her mouth and old-fashioned ice pack on her head. Next to it he adds an approximation of Brian with a word bubble, to convey he's the one who told him about it.]
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@Mnemosyne; voice; Night 163

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[It's rather late at night, long past lockdown and a while after most sensible people would be asleep. Beckett would usually be asleep himself, in a total exhausted collapse kind of way. Instead he sounds alert, if hoarse and tired. A little cautious, too.]

Brian told me you were ill.
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@featherydouche; text; night 164, before the obituary/Bucky fiasco

[personal profile] mrcreamsicles 2016-10-03 01:33 am (UTC)(link)
guess who got his words back
you feeling any better or are you still sick
for what its worth you arent the only one who had weird stuff happening to them so i think it had to be part of that static nonsense

[There is a pause between messages, then:]

for dying like that
and for leaving
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@featherydouche; text; day 167

[personal profile] mrcreamsicles 2016-10-18 02:41 pm (UTC)(link)
can we talk about stuff
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Nightish 187

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*She's probably noticed that he's been slower at exploring since they got into the split tunnels. In general it seemed like a good idea to be more cautious in this area, but Brian has been lagging more than he needs to. Its been getting worse the last few days, since he's been eating even less in favor of letting her eat more. (He didn't used to eat as much as he did here, so, logically, it should have been fine. But he didn't think to factor MN poisoning into the equation.) Hopefully they'll be able to find somewhere to restock soon, but for now he was just going to have to deal with it.

He pauses once they reach the apartment they're going to spend the night in and, once he's sure they're alone, lets himself flop against the wall. That wasn't so odd lately, but the fact that he pulls his hood down and might be panting is.*
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@featherydouche; text; night 202

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[It's after lockdown that Davesprite messages Jade, after the chaos appears to have calmed down. If she's made it inside safely, then surely it would be by now.]

shit just went pretty haywire today so i want to make sure youre alright
our group is ok
we just couldnt hear for a while
but i dont trust that to be all that happened to people
did you get the whole deal with andromeda telling you to run and the weird lit up path
also here are some dog pictures

[There are a number of them attached. Some are of Dug from when he was traveling with him (including with the makeshift pink bra hat on and occasionally with Homura in the background), and the rest are of Clint's dog Lucky. Lucky particularly looks like he's been through some rough times before, but all the old injuries are long since healed.]
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@featherydouche; text; night 206

[personal profile] mrcreamsicles 2017-02-07 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
[Getting locked outside is terrible. Worse, really, is telling people. There's so many friends who deserve a heads up, and it's hard to put to mind who all needs the warning best, but Jade is on the list from the start. Even if it brings up guilt for the first time he died—how he wandered off, thinking she wasn't real, and froze in the snow—it seems crueler to leave her to the surprise of the obituary. It takes a little to work up his nerve, still; his message to her comes after he's fired off a few to others, to put himself in whatever the right mindset is for something this morbid.]

this has got to be the shittiest heads up anyones ever received
so sorry in advance for what im about to say
but clint and i are locked out tonight
i dont know where you guys are around here but were somewhere east past that big scrap pile in the north
its just more scrap but a big stupid wall of it
you know
dont come out this way
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day 215; @zd; text

[personal profile] swatsflies 2017-03-05 10:14 am (UTC)(link)
Brian hasn't been sending any messages.
Is his jaw okay? Did he get sick?
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@totheark; text; Day 217

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*There's a lot he wants to say to her, but for now its best to leave it simple.*

i'm back

*And apparently has picked up some extra typing skills.*