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snowblind ; ic inbox!

"This is Jade-- leave a message!"

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[ hey you know that really unhelpful thing brian does where he gives one word answers and doesn't explain SHIT ]


[ ur welcom ]
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if youdo not Know It youhavenot SEEN It

[ So why the heckie is she following Brian

Stalking is supposed to be Team Faceless territory


ye t you follow watch See?what
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p a r a s i t e
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[ Drawbacks to sharing someone else's brain: you don't get to practice typing coherently very often. Perks of sharing someone else's brain: having a basic understanding of what friendship is. THANKS TIM.

Masky also knows such things can go VERY WRONG (tm), though. Time to investigate.

why?is it
are y ou like
doctor? ?.

[ young lady what are your intentions with my son ]
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go od

[ On all counts. It's not very nice seeing that Tim has been buddying up with Doc Greathair again, okay. But it makes sense that Brian's New Friend Jaderomy doesn't like him, since he's probably all up in her business trying to separate dog from notdog or something. That dick. ]

he it doesnot un de rs ta nd
only fix es
therootsgrowdeep we are Here
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[ How long is... a while... Tim throws "twenty years" around a lot, right? LET'S GO WITH THAT. ]

alongTIMe longer than friend shorter than It
often quiet Watching waiting d or mant
maskintape: her face is a butt tho unfortunately 8C (if you look at pictures of space)

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yes reaching for what

[ this fuCKING DOUCHE ]

creates takes watches SEES knows
not ?monster
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[ It's scribbled over a page from a Dick and Jane book in black marker. THAT'S IT THAT'S THE MESSAGE ]
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[ Um, obviously it's Masky??? Why would anyone need to ask when this is a beautiful photorealistic drawing???????????????? Unless they haven't seen the cool masked individual in question, of course, which is about to change in Jade's case. Masky flips the tablet over before switching back to text so there's a decent view of Dat Mask.

And the sideburns seriously the mask continues to be the worst fucking disguise ever how did Jay not immediately know who was behind it like for reals

to show
ta ll
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