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"This is Jade-- leave a message!"

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masochistic tendencies CLEARLY

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[ Fucking pissing shitdicks. Fuck. Fuckeroo. ]

Uh, so. So I was just - I got a message, and. I got it a - a few minutes ago, I mean, not just now. I replied to it. So.

[ WOW he wants a smoke right now. Tim's fingers twitch briefly as if flicking the ash from an imaginary cigarette before continuing his bullshit collection of aborted half-sentences that vaguely resemble his share of a conversation. ]

That is to say, uh. Yeah. How do I put this.



You're not actually planning to murder Clayton, right?

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[ Ah. Well.

Yeah okay no that's pretty much the only sensible reaction to being asked that, isn't it.

Yeah, I, uh - I told him that wasn't really your, uh. Your style. Made a joke about your bark being worse than your bite and everything. So.




Hey, so, uh. So - grats on being able to talk. Again.



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[ Look ok he knows how to deal with giggles. Giggles are safe. Other people crying, on the other hand, is not. HE BARELY KNOWS HOW TO DEAL WITH HIS OWN SOBFESTS OKAY GEEZ ]

Uh, y'know. He didn't say much else. The guy's stressed out of his goddamn mind right now, you know? I mean, you've seen what this place does to people. He's been here from the start, so. Yeah.

[ Like Tim. And there aren't many left from that first batch, are there?

Not the most pleasant thought.

He thinks you think he's a monster. Like, that's - that's the level of fried-brain we're talking here.
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Not trying to excuse it. Just - explain it, I guess. He's not a bad guy, he can just be kind of a dumbass.

[ To put it mildly. Really mildly. ]

I think it's like - he had everyone blow up at him over the stuff he was saying, yeah? And he's not used to that, so everything feels like an attack. Or a way bigger deal than it is. To the point that - where, uh, a teenage girl defending a friend is a potential threat. I guess.
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Uh - well.

[ Best to just. Casually shimmy past that whole MAKE SURE YOU TREAD CAREFULLY SO SHE DOESN'T GET PISSED AND HURT YOU thing. Since Tim's pretty sure that Clayton wouldn't think that if he were in his right mind, and it'll likely make Jade rage. Or cry. Or ragecry. ]

Well, y'know. The whole - the Brian thing. You can't really get into that whole - whole situation without mentioning me. Especially with, uh. With Clayton, since he's only involved because I asked him. Way back.

[ Which naturally means everything is All Tim's Fault™. OH THAT WACKY SELF-LOATHING FELLA. ]

I guess I should - okay, how much do you, uh. Know. About what happened to him. Us. Me and Brian and everybody.
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Yeah, well, he is a douche. But he's a... a good douche.

[ Wow, that sounds even weirder out loud than it did in Tim's head. SUPER. ]

And, uh, well. Well, then. I guess you know it was, uh. Me? Who asked Clayton to. Like, to save him. Brian. The first one.
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Yeah. Didn't even expect him to show up here. Pretty dumb, since - [cough] - since pretty much all my other dead friends showed up at some p--

[ Time for one of his distressed coughing fits!! Not a super bad one, but enough to make him back off a little while he catches his breath. And think about how this is the worst idea oh god there's a reason all his friends are dead lOOK HE'S EVEN COUGHING IN JADE'S PRESENCE SHE'S GOING TO GET OPERATOR COOTIES ]
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Meaning he steps further back, motioning for her to not get too close, and finally straightens back up. See he's fine THERE'S NO BLOOD OR ANYTHING! FINE.

Ugh, sorry. Uh, like I was - I was saying, uh. My fault, not Clayton's, and he wasn't gonna - you know, get. Get rid of the Brian you know or anything. We wanted to maybe just. See if anything of the old Brian was left? Maybe bring it out. Make him like me.

You'd have liked him, for the record. Great guy.
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[ Whatever Jade's expecting as a response, it's. Probably not an apathetic shrug. ]

Don't care what happens to that thing as long as it gets the hell out of my head and leaves me the fuck alone. For all the shits I give it can skip into the sunset holding hands with Brian and - and fucking spooky tree man. As long as it does it away from me? I'm good.
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[ Uh, wow, okay. That sure does sound like a whole load of horseshit straight from a terrible webcomic. Or the animes. Or a terrible webcomic that ends in the animes.


Not that Tim's thinking too hard about Captain Planet: Notdog Edition, because there's at least one major problem with this.

You know it's dangerous, right? It attacks people. Drags them off to god-knows-where. Beats the shit out of anybody it doesn't like.

[ Or. Just Alex. Who knows. ]

It's violent enough to have landed me in - in a goddamn hospital for half my life because people thought I was a psychopath, and you wanna put it in a robot? Maybe if it was a roomba.
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You think. That Brian. Could be a good influence.

[ Jade. Jade you sweet winter child. Jade. Jadey Jade Jade Jade.


So very no.

The same Brian who got it to beat the hell out of Ale-- some guy. The same Brian who stalks and manipulates people. The same Brian who got my best friend killed, then decorated his corpse with friendly l-- [coughCOUGHCOUGH] - friendly little notes telling me it was my fault.

That Brian.
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Yeah, see, that would be a sound plan if I gave a shit about what is or isn't good for it. Or Brian, for - for that matter.

[ The last part sounds a little less convincing than he'd like, but he can deal. Tim rubs at his face in frustration before kinda. Half-shrugging, half-sagging. IT'S A VERY TIM GESTURE. ]

All hypothetical anyway, right. And depends on anyone ever getting out of here, or getting their spooky-ass powers back. So.

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