eclecticbassist: <user name=kiddoeclipse> (jeez... .)
Jade Harley ([personal profile] eclecticbassist) wrote 2016-03-15 02:33 am (UTC)

action! (assuming they're not like 20 ft apart lmao)

[ oH, ]

[ She looks weirdly guilty for someone who did nothing wrong of her own free will??? gdi Jade ]

Before I came here, someone, um... controlled me for a little while. She made me do things that were really awful. [ Bad enough to deserve permadeath in another timeline before ~6 years of continuity was retconned WHY IS HUSSIE LIKE THIS ]

The, uh, fire thing just happens when I use some of my powers, but everything else was from the mental hijacking. Hehe.

[ HA. What. Sincere. Laughter. ]

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