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headcanons ; taxidermy! dead bodies! psychological trauma!

Lately I've been really hung up on the fact that holy shit Jade had to stuff and mount her grandpa when she was like five. This seems like the kind of thing that makes a lasting impression on someone, so have some unorganized... thoughts?

For some context, I'll summarize the process of taxidermy: First, the specimen is skinned, using a method similar to how you remove the skin from a chicken. Depending on the type of skin, it's either tanned or preserving chemicals are applied. Then it's mounted on a mannequin, and false eyeballs are installed. Freeze-drying is sometimes used, but large specimens can require six months of freezing, and the equipment is expensive and needs a lot of upkeep. Not to mention freeze-dried animals have a good chance of being eaten by carpet beetles. This is the preferred method for preserving pets! 

Humans do not taxidermize very well. The seams and skin discoloration that result from the preservation process are hidden by the fur of most specimens, but hairless animals require lots of work with airbrush and epoxy to not look like shit. A masterful grasp of sculpture and cosmetics would also be helpful. Seeing as grandpa has very visible stitches, it's safe to assume that he looks like a goddamn nightmare.

As far as I know, preserving a human in this manner is illegal, and since it's a "family tradition", the responsibility for this almost certainly fell on Jade. Bec probably zapped grandpa's body into a freezer (because of course they have one for just this purpose). Jade probably had to wait at least a few weeks to learn how to stitch, if he hadn't taught her already; maybe she put it off for months, or waited a couple of years until she got a bit stronger.

Grandpa looks and acts like some kind of eldritch monstrosity, but she still talks about him so affectionately!! What the heck.